World Leaders in Molecular Biomarkers for Personalized Sepsis Management

Today, there is a high unmet need within the health care community worldwide for improved tools to identify sepsis as early as possible and match the right treatment at the right time. Sepsis is a leading cause of death in both the developed and developing worlds.

Immunexpress is a molecular diagnostics company developing clinical assays for the personalized management of immune disorders with a focus on:

  • • Early detection and personalized management of sepsis patients
  • • Early identification of sepsis in patients at risk

Immunexpress technology is based on proprietary immune system blood biomarkers for adaptation to new and existing clinical diagnostic platforms (multiplex qRT-PCR and proteomic).

Immunexpress’s vision is to deliver its multiplex molecular assays on point-of-care (POC) platforms for rapid turnaround, improved patient outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and more effective targeted therapies.