Company Overview

Company Overview

Immunexpress is a privately-owned group of companies developing and commercializing revolutionary molecular diagnostics to aid clinicians in managing patients with, or suspected of, sepsis through analysis of molecular blood biomarkers from a patient’s immune system (the ‘host response’). The company has offices in Seattle, USA, and Brisbane, Australia. Immunexpress’s product pipeline aims to address the overwhelming unmet clinical needs of sepsis and suspected sepsis patients, as well as healthcare systems, hospitals, clinicians, nurses, payers and antibiotics stewards.

Unlike the traditional approach to sepsis diagnosis, which focuses on pathogen detection in cultured blood, SeptiCyte quantifies the host response. Biomarkers in the patient’s blood are signals of the host’s response to infection. These biomarkers may hold the key to the early and accurate detection of infection, as well as assist in guiding the use and timing of drugs and other therapies.

Immunexpress was founded in Australia in 2006 with the exclusive purpose of developing and commercializing SeptiCyte technology. The US subsidiary, and now headquarters, was established in 2010. Immunexpress’s products are based on patented host immune response technologies originally generated in novel large animal models of sepsis, and validated in human clinical trials across the globe.

Immunexpress’s core competencies are in molecular product, development, and clinical validation and commercialization of novel biomarker ‘content’ for sepsis management.

Immunexpress offers its proprietary content for specific RT-qPCR instruments-for core labs, acute labs and ‘near patient’ (or Point of Care). Using an IT analogy, the focus of Immunexpress is software, rather than hardware.