The SeptiCyte® technology is the basis for multiple products in development. It comprises over 300 proprietary biomarkers and methods discovered in novel animal models of human inflammatory disease, including sepsis


Based on a series of human clinical trials (2007-2013), panels of biomarkers have been selected for clinical assay development (no regulatory clearance/approvals in place as yet), aimed at improving clinical information available to doctors for assessing patients with and without sepsis. For example – possible outcomes for assay development, once regulatory cleared/approved, may include to:

•  Aid a physician in better identifying an early septic response
•  Aid a physician in the pre-symptomatic assessment of patients at potential risk
•  Assist a physician to better differentiating sepsis from other forms of systemic inflammation
•  Aid a physician in judging severity of the systemic inflammation
•  Help guide the physician in the assessment of the causative class of pathogen
•  Allow the doctor to better identify the immune status of the patient
•  Help a physician to better target and time therapies – including antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and immunoactive drugs.


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